how to raise my SAT score?

<p>I know all the grammar rules and i studied silverturtle and all the tests you could think of, and I raised my SAT from 1400 to 1630. Is it possible to raise my score to 1800?
I'm a senior and i only have 5 more months till i graduate, and yes. since I'm planning to study abroad (go to international college outside of U.S.) i can take the test on June and then take that test score and bring it to the international college.</p>

<p>So basically it means i have a bit less than 6 months to prepare for it.
The weird thing though, is, no matter how hard i try or practice it won't go up unless i think of a new theory to take the test. For writing (580/800), I know why the questions are wrong when i look at it the second time but i don't know why i get so many questions wrong.. i feel stupid when i see my score. I don't know how to be more careful. For math, it's just... questions i don't know like weird shapes and stuff. They have awfully easy questions, but at some point weird questions pop up that i have no idea on. For Critical Reading, it's just merely impossible and its just all about guessing in reading comprehension (490/800).</p>

<p>Any way to raise em up? If you just say "practice' i won't really get how u want me to practice.. And it seems every single time, different problems come out in the math test. i don't get why people say its useful to practice.</p>


<p>The best way to prepare for the writing section is to read like a crazyperson. Get a feel for how sentences are constructed, how they sound when you say them in your head. The W section is very based on gut feeling, so if you really read and get a gut sense for grammatically correct sentences, you're golden. Sorry if my advice seems super obvious/condescending, but it works.</p>

<p>I only got one wrong in writing on the PSAT, so trust me. ;) I know my writing.</p>