how to register as standby?

<p>Do I just show up at a test center, fee in hand, hoping they'll take me?</p>

<p>The way you put it makes it sound so pathetic. Reminds me of Oliver Twist. But "yes." That was what my friends did.</p>

<p>haha, well is pretty pathetic I guess.
<em>all dignity aside</em> ANY CENTER! ANY CENTER AT ALL!</p>

<p>Why are you in such a rush for Nov testing? Are you applying EA/ED somewhere, yz16?</p>

<p>i am, geniez - stanford actually, hehe. I took october- I'm just anxious about standby testing for nov because i suspect my chem was pretty disastrous.</p>

<p>Good luck on your Nov testing then, yz16! I hope you can get into Standford. :)</p>

<p>can i take the SAT II test in standby if i have already registered for the SAT I??</p>

<p>hello hello (heh.heh.) , I seriously doubt it. Don't know for certain.</p>

<p>Thanks geniez : )</p>

<p>If you have already registered for SAT I, I don't think you can take the SAT II as a standby. I think you've got to call College Board two and a half weeks before the test date to change from SAT I to SAT II. But I'm not sure. Check out <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>