How to register for AP exams in nepal?

I got low grades in NEB class 11 but i want to make my application as stronger as possible. I am currently in class 12 and i want to take AP exams in 2020.

Instructions should be on the College Board web page. Unfortunately the deadline to register for May 2020 tests has passed, but you may be able to get in on a “space available” basis.

Registration for May, 2020 exams can be completed until March 13 with a $40 late fee.

But the process has been made more difficult for homeschool, self-study, etc. if your school offers AP exams at all, find the coordinator. If not, you may need to work with your school administration to get someone to help.

My school doesn’t offer AP exams. When i talked to them they themselves are not sure on what to do…what shall i tell them?

Dude, you aren’t going to be able to strengthen your app anymore. APs only help with American schools and they don’t look at 12th grade AP exams.

Who is “them”? Did you look at the College Board website as response #1 and #2 suggested?

When are you planning to apply to universities, and where?

I have only Wikipedia to go on, but you appear to be in the final year of secondary education (grade 12), and if your are applying to universities now, AP exams in May won’t be part of that evaluation.

Are you taking a year off and applying next year?

If so, it sounds like you should contact CB directly and facilitate the conversation with a sponsor at your school to get registered.

I will be applying next year. And can i give AP in a different country or not like india has many test centers for AP so can i go there and give AP?

I don’t think giving APs is the bestoption tho, maybe you should work on other aspects of your application.

i also need AP course but i don’t think its available in Nepal