How to report National Honor Society if I don't do that much in terms of hours?

I’m the President of my school’s National Honor Society, which has a GPA and community service requirement. I’m wondering if I should just put this under awards or something because all I do is organize and lead our monthly meetings, so it really doesn’t look like I do that much (only about 3 hrs/week for 9 weeks/year). We all have to perform mandatory community service, but I’m guessing I would have to report that separately since it’s not technically FOR National Honor Society and actually for various outside organizations?

You can report it as an award or as an extracurricular. Your choice, really. As you are the president, I would put it under ECs. However, if you’re filling all those spots with ECs that are more meaningful to you, then listing it as an award is okay too.

Ok thank you! I think I’ll put it as an EC because I have other stuff to put in awards and not as many meaningful activities.