How to research for SAT essay examples properly?

<p>I've always wondered about this since no one knows
what the sat essay topic will be on test day.</p>

<p>True, but lots of the prompts cluster around a few topics. Look:</p>

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<p>An example involving Tiger Woods could apply to topics like:</p>

<p>• Do we benefit from learning about the flaws of people we admire and respect?
• Do we really benefit from every event or experience in some way?
• Does true learning only occur when we experience difficulties?
• Do memories hinder or help people in their effort to learn from the past and succeed in the present?
Is it best for people to accept who they are and what they have, or should people always strive to better themselves?
• Do highly accomplished people achieve more than others mainly because they expect more of themselves?
• Is persistence more important than ability in determining a person’s success?
• Is identity something people are born with or given, or is it something people create for themselves?
. . . </p>

<p>Ok, you get the idea</p>

<p>Got2BeGreen is right; however, I would avoid examples like Tiger Woods and other pop recent examples that history “hasn’t made a decision about yet.” Your read may not be familiar with the example or might possess a strong feeling for or against the example, which could influence your score.</p>

<p>The next question is what details do you look for then? There are a lot of prompts clustered around one topic and they all aren’t the same.</p>