How to sell a summer internship on college app...


<p>So unlike some people on this forum, I really need to help save up for college this summer. I can't afford any fancy pre-college programs or international trips to boost my college app.</p>

<p>I needed to get a job this summer, however instead I found a program that essentially pays highschoolers to work at normally non-paid internships in the community. This program was actually highly selective (only about 6% of applicants were accepted).</p>

<p>My problem is this: Basically, how can I make this summer internship look good on a college application? Is there a way to point out that the program was selective? Or that its' not just a job or a community service project?</p>



<p>My son's high school says that having a job is good for applications. It's okay to earn money for college just to earn money. Having a summer job will be just one small part of your application. Something may happen during the summer that will give you a great subject for an essay or two.</p>

<p>Attending a pay-to-play summer program is not a boost to one's app; a paid job or internship will look better.</p>

<p>As for how to "sell" this experience, simply explain it as you have here. State the name of the program and write "6% accepted to receive pay for typically unpaid internships." Simple as that.</p>