How to send furniture

<p>My daughter is moving to a new apartment, starting out on her own. She needs a dining room table. I happen to have an extra dining room set. How do I get it to her?</p>

<p>I'm thinking shipping might work the best, but how do you ship unboxed stuff? Has anyone had any luck shipping furniture?</p>

<p>Go to any pack and ship place. If the legs come off it will be relatively easy any not too expensive (although shipping is pricey). If the legs do not come off, it will be expensive. They charge by weight and the L X W X D of the package.</p>

<p>You might want to check the cost of shipping that table vs. the cost of buying one at a place like Target or Walmart. We did the same when DS moved to his first apartment. It was about a 10 hour drive from our house...the cost of renting a UHaul one way was MORE than what we ended up spending to furnish his apartment with things from Walmart and Target. We budgeted $1000 for the furniture and were almost at that number.</p>

<p>That's true, I could give away the table, and buy them a new one in LA. But I'd have to buy them a nice one. This is the post grad life, which is why I was thinking giving them a "grown up" table and chairs would be nice.</p>

<p>Check with any of the national moving companies, and ask about consolidating your small move with other moves headed in the same direction.</p>