How to Show Max. Interest?

<p>With all these waitlists of students who deserve to get into various schools, but the schools thinking they dont want to attend, I have a question: How do I show enough interest in a school to get them to believe I would attend if accepted, and not become another victim of Tufts Syndrome? </p>

<p>For my 'safeties'/matches, I'm quite nervous because for almost all of them I'm seeking admittance to the honors program, even though for some of them I'm quite a good amount above their 75th percentile for even Honors College students, let alone their regular accepted student body [Here's some of them I'm researching so you get the idea; UDelaware, American U, GWU, UMD-CP, UPittsburgh, UConnecticut, Northeastern]. Thus clearly I'm setting myself up to get destroyed by my 'safeties' if I don't figure out a way this summer and the beginning of next year [I'm planning on EA or RD for most of them above that have the programs] to show them I love their school [Because I actually do love these schools and would probally go there over some of my reaches if accepted to their honors colleges]. </p>

<p>So, in short, what should I do this summer and the beginning of next year in terms of contacting the admissions office, number of visits, and such, to prove sufficent interest?</p>

<p>Cyber-stalking is always an option. ;)</p>

<p>that was creepy sligh_Anarchist???</p>

<p>I think you're worrying too much - Tuft's Syndrome exists, but I doubt it's all that prevalent. You can show interest by interviewing, perhaps writing a short essay on why you like X school so much (even if not required), visiting, emailing admissions if you have any real questions, etc.</p>

<p>take the time to apply for scholarships if you a school like wash u, for example</p>

<p>Write the optional essays, but only if you can write them well! That being said, do them anyway, and make sure they are good. Accept all interviews that are offered to you. Psychgirl's right about keeping in touch with the admissions office -- ask good questions, but don't overdo it and annoy them.</p>

<p>Anything specific I can do during april break or the summer then to demonstrate interest that they pick up on and record?</p>

<p>Send them a kidney. Since you have two of them, you can afford to lose one. That will show them that you are 100% dedicated. lol.</p>

<p>Visiting would be good.</p>

<p>However, Tufts Syndrome is not that big of a problem, especially at public schools. Public schools do not use "yield management" because it is not considered ethical. In fact, most admissions officers consider yield management to be unethical. There are only a few schools known to strategically waitlist people, namely Washington University in Saint Louis.</p>

<p>Lol. I like Dartmouth's take in its FAQ:</p>

<p>"Does Dartmouth show preference in the admissions process for students who have demonstrated interest by visiting, calling and emailing?

<p>@ Rem4lyfe08</p>

<p>It was a joke. No one would honestly consider this, outside of a few sick individuals.</p>

<p>Remember, Rem4lyfe08, I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush. ;)</p>