How to SIR to UCLA as a Transfer if I had already SIRd to CSULB

Hello CC,

So I got into UCLA today and was wondering what was the process to enroll at UCLA over my current SIRd school (CSULB). Would I need to call CSULB and explain that I won’t be attending anymore?


Hello ReidIsLovely,
Congratulations on getting into UCLA!
If you want to SIR to UCLA, you must pay the SIR fee for that school. Once you have done that, make sure you email CSULB admissions office that you will not be attending for the Fall semester of 2021. This will unenroll you at CSULB and you cannot undone this decision.
Also be sure that you can find housing, over-enrollment is an issue now and it’s causing housing issues as well.

what you are doing happens a lot. Students who are on waitlists or appealing an admissions decision have to accept a different college in case they don’t get in. If they eventually are accepted they withdraw from that college and enroll at the new one.

The SIR procedure for UCLA is straightforward, just do what the instructions they sent you say. You can contact CSULB to see how to withdraw your SIR at the page Enrollment Services | California State University, Long Beach

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