How to solve this math problem?

<p>The price of ground coffee beans is d dollars for 8 ounces and each ounce makes c cups of brewed coffee. In terms of c and d, what is the dollar cost of the ground coffee beans required to make 1 cup of brewed coffee?</p>

<p>(A) d/(8c)
(B) (cd)/8
(C) (8c)/d
(D) (8d)/c
(E) 8cd</p>

<p>The answer is A.</p>

<p>I would just plug in numbers.</p>

<p>Let me clarify. How do you solve the problem algebraically?</p>

<p>1 Ounce of coffee = d/8
1 Cup of coffee= (d/8)/c = d/8c</p>