how to solve vectors???

<p>hello, we did vectors in physics class last year... but on the IIC test I've been seeing them in x,y,z format which ive never seen. what does this mean? how does one solve it? help please... thanks.</p>

<p>Try looking at the sparknotes online book. the x, y, and z are the three different dimensions. The stuff isn't hard at all, and if I remember, when I took the IIC back in June, there was only 1 vector question, and it was a simple 2 dimension vector subtraction. Good luck!</p>

<p>All u have to know is finding the magnitude of vectors... which is just pythagorean theorem... and adding/subtracting vectors.</p>

<p>I don't think u have to know the dot or cross product.</p>

<p>remember. vectors are drawn tip to tail. then you use the pythagorean theorem.</p>