How to stand out

What are the best things for an Elementary Education major to do while in college to stand out from other applicants so that when it comes time to look for a job there is more chance of getting hired?

Get a Special Education certificate as well.

Absolutely get dual certification… Special Ed, literacy, be a math specialist, something.

Every single time you observe is an opportunity to network. Dress as a professional, not a college kid. Keep your phone OFF the entire time you’re there. Do NOT chew gum! Be polite to everyone you meet, from the kid who brings you to the office to the custodian you pass in the halls. Send a thank you note to the teacher whose class you observe, the contact person, and the principal. Keep track of all these people-- their name and their title.

Consider coaching or moderating some sort of activity for local kids. Help run the play at the local church or school, volunteer to coach kickline, whatever. That experience can help a lot.

Develop a skill set that is unusual for someone in your field but that might be useful to your field. Develop great quantitate skills, study computer science so you can develop your own materials and help a school do so. ETc