How to structure a resume as a transfer? Career fair networking?

<p>My school has a fall career fair coming up this week which will have a few banks/trading firms in attendance and my goal is to network with as many people as I can. However, I'm trying to put a resume together and I'm running into some difficulty. As this is my first semester here, I don't have a GPA - the only GPA I have is from my old school, a community college. How do I handle something like this? I didn't anticipate them holding a career fair this early so I was hoping that I'd have at least a semester under my belt to be able to list a GPA for my current school. Will having "community college" on there be a huge red flag? Also, I don't have any relevant work experience, just typical part-time college-kid type stuff - should that be listed? I also don't really have much in terms of activities except being in a club at my new school and two at my old school and some experience as a volunteer tutor there. </p>

<p>And are there any general pointers I should know about talking to people at a career fair? Making sure I get business cards, sending thank-you e-mails, etc?</p>

<p>Regarding the career fair, you should ask for business cards and follow up, you should listen as much as you speak, know when to move on given how many people are there and the time constraints, and don’t say anything off-color or try to be too funny (it usually comes off bad). In terms of topics, keep it simple - let the person mix it up and you keep up - ask some general questions about their career/the company and then see where it goes. </p>

<p>For your resume, put your former school GPA down,relevant coursework and honors. For the new school, just put the entry in with anticipated degree and gr4ad date, major, awards if any, etc and leave GPA out - not a big deal in this case. Having your old college is not a red flag - you are in the better school now. Focus on club involvement, leadership experience and volunteer experience rather than the summer you spent as a lifeguard or waiter.</p>

<p>Just what I was looking for, thanks a lot. You’re the man.</p>