How to study for AP WH in the summer?

Hey guys. I’m taking AP WH as a sophomore this fall, and I was wondering what I should do to prepare for the class and test. I’m aiming for a 5. I have The Earth and its Peoples: A Global History (6th edition), but the textbook we will use in class is Ways of the World. What’s the difference between the two books? I heard that they’re making changes to the test as well, so I want to get the newest prep book (Barron’s?) when it releases. I’m not sure what to do to be well prepared for the class and test early on. Please help. Thx

I teach AP WH. As an easy summer read, I always recommend the Crash course books - that will help you get ahold of key concepts and big picture before class starts. Will this be your 1st AP history class?

Yes, but not my first social science class. I took AP human geography, so I have a grasp of important concepts such as globalization.

One thing though: I want to hone my skills for writing sections of the test so I don’t have to worry about not finishing on time when next may rolls around. What can I do to practice?

I took apwh last year and got a 4. I wouldnt reccoment the Barrons book because it had soooo much unnessisary information. However, my class used Ways of the Worlds as well and it was really good. It had a website that had really amazing pracitce tests on it.

For the writing section I would reccoment looking up the format of DBQ’s, CCOT’s and whatever the third essay is (i forgot lol). Memorizing the formats of these essays are key to finishing in time. Each has minute differences that can cost a lot of points. The topics arnt hard, you just have to throw up information onto the page. Its just the format that trips a lot of people up.

Good luck!

I would highly recommend Ethel Wood. Everything in that book is useful information. I would skim through it this summer to get a jist of the overall sequence of major events, follow along in the book with what you do in class during the school year, and a month or two before the AP exam closely read through it to cover any gaps in your knowledge. I would wait to buy anything though because the test is being redesigned. I think they are getting rid of one of the essays(CCOT?) and including short answer questions to resemble the US and Euro exams.

I’m gonna take AP WH this year as a sophomore too. A book we’re being assigned is World History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination. It’s an AMSCO book, and it’s really good in helping to learn the material. It’s like a mini-textbook, with tons of information. Here’s the link to it if you’re interested:

I honestly think you don’t need to prepare in the summer. All you need is your school textbook and the GetAFive WH Videos .

Just do your best on the school textbook, keep pace with the class until ~2 Months before the AP Exam, which is when you start prepping. Really, I did horribly on all the chapter quizzes in class.

As for GetAFive, watch and then re-watch as many videos you can. Do this as you near the end of your school textbook. Get the lesson summaries and write down everything you don’t know/kinda don’t know on a notebook. Practice each of the 3 essays every week for the 2 months before the Exam. For everything you find out you don’t know, add it to the notebook, and look at the notebook at least twice a week.

Even though everyone in the class rekt me, I got a 5. And those people who beat my class grade ended up with 3’s.