How To Study For AP World History

<p>What do you guys think is the best way to be prepared for the exam? (Also, my teacher is horrible)</p>

<p>1) Read my textbook throughout the year and use PR for the exam</p>

<p>2) Read my textbook and use a prep along with it and another review book for the exam</p>

<p>3) Just use a prep book throughout the year</p>

<p>4) Any other ideas from prior experience?</p>

<p>I would use a textbook and Princeton Review at the same time during the schoolyear, and then in the end of the schoolyear for the exam just study both Princeton Review. I say study PR during the schoolyear because it helps you study for WHAP chapter tests and pull stuff together for your essays.</p>

<p>Read the textbook and then use PR to "review" before tests (or if you're like me, the night before the AP exam). Oh, and be sure to practice writing the essays and the DBQ. My teacher was fantastic and threw in a past AP essay or DBQ into almost every test we took, so I felt more than prepared for that section of the test.</p>

<p>What textbook are you using?</p>

<p>I loved PR but if you truly have a bad teacher, I don't think it'll be enough. You might want Barron's. (and PR at the end)</p>

<p>I followed option 1 when i was in AP World</p>