How to study for the ACT? Have Barron's, Princeton Review, Real ACT Prep...

<p>I am a college-bound student that will start my senior year in August. I have taken the ACT twice: once in March 2010 (national ACT test day) and just recently on June 12th, 2010. I plan to take it again in September and October during my senior year. After I receive the October test date’s score, I will pick my highest and then start on the college applications.</p>

<p>On my first test, I got a 20. I left half of science and nearly one-third to one-half of the math blank. Dumb.</p>

<p>On this recent test, I received a 24 composite with a 26 in English, 23 in Math, 26 in Reading, and 21 in Science. I raised my reading score six points (I answered all questions for this section on each of the tests). I want to raise the rest of my subscores significantly, too.</p>

<p>I have Cracking the ACT 2010 by The Princeton Review, The Real ACT Prep Guide (with three tests), Barron’s ACT 36, and Barron’s ACT Math and Science workbook. Should I thoroughly work with all of these books to prepare for my next two dates, or should I study one more than the other? I own them all, and I want to get at least a 26 or 27 composite and reach the benchmark score, 24, for science. What should I do? Please help.</p>