How to study for the SAT II Chemistry Exam?

I was wondering what the most efficient way to study for the SAT II Chem exam is. I’m taking it in 26 days. I took the AP Chemistry exam and got a 4.

hey! if you took AP chemistry already and received a 4, i would say you’re in pretty good shape. take a diagnostic to start off and focus on memorising the “facts” that the SAT specifically likes to test for the chemistry subject exam. there are a lot of youtube videos that can go over that for you! i’m in the same boat as you regarding my situation with AP under my belt already. i’m just starting to prepare for the subject test on Aug 29. i bought the Barron’s book and i’m just going to do tons of practise questions and touch up on the topics i feel rusty on. i hope that helps! + good luck :smile: