How to study independent just 2 month before SAT?

Please tell me about recommended book or anything that can improve my SAT score


Can you afford a tutor?

We used a tutor that is part of a very small local company. I think that the entire company consists of three people – two tutor’s and a receptionist. They were very good and it did not take all that many hours to help quite a bit. There is probably something similar near you.

SAT Black Book by Mike Barrett helped my daughter. It is more about test-taking strategy.

Khan Academy is the best free resource.

If you need additional content, Erica Metlzer’s Reading/Writing books and College Panda/1600io Orange Books for Math are well regarded.

The Black Book is valuable for strategy/approach, typically for high scorers, but doesn’t have content for practice.

There are 20+ released QAS exams in addition to the official practice tests that can be used to track progress and identify areas that need work.

Hi! I definitely recommend using Khan Academy SAT questions, since the program is personalized to your progress, practice scores, and all that!

Books: I recommend Erica Meltzer and College Panda, they are both wonderful publishers and leave much room for both content and practice.

You can go on CrackSAT, the website, it has a lot of practice problems on there.

I would recommend making a calendar or schedule to make sure you are covering the right and wrong questions or sections. Make good use of your past tests as well, you can really track where you need to improve and maybe where you can spend less time and focus on other topics.

Don’t burn yourself out, at least spend 45 minutes everyday just studying on your SAT, rather than overdoing or underdoing it. Sleep and eat well before the test, you got this!

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