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Hello! I have an inquiry regarding the MCAT

I’ve just finished my freshman year and my gpa is a 3.72
I’ve gotten all As or A-s except one B in Gen Chem 1 this past semester. I’ll be gen chem II this upcoming semester. I wanted to know if I should start prepping for the MCAT now. I’m not a super duper braniac seeing as I’ve sunk countless hours into chem and only managed a B. I won’t be taking orgo I until the spring and orgo II until next fall - right before you traditionally take the mcat (the winter of your junior year - or so I’ve been told). I think I’m going to be on of those people that need more time to prepare. The reason I bring any of this up is because prepping for the MCAT is sort of a big deal and I haven’t finished all of my pre reqs. Should I just start with the gen chem books? Should I bother starting this early? Should I even bother with the MCAT because I got a B in gen chem I? A bunch of questions to consider. Any and all advice would be awesome.

Since a significant portion of the MCAT covers topics you haven’t learned yet (Ochem, physics, biochem), starting to prep now is kind of pointless. Wait to start serious prepping until you’ve finished your pre-reqs.

A B in gen chem doesn’t mean you should give up your pre-med plans. See how well ochem goes.

The key topic on MCAT is Biochem - since you haven’t gotten to Biochem yet (you’ll need Gen Chem 2, Orgo1/2), you shouldn’t start preping MCAT.

B in Gen Chem 1 - depends on which college you’re in and how everyone else is performing, it may not be a big issue. If you can start getting A’s in Gen Chem 2, Orgo 1/2, Biochem, then you will be fine. As everyone said, orgo is the one to break/win. But if you struggle to get A’s in those Chem courses, then you’re in trouble. Have you taken Bio1/2 yet? Physics is pretty light on MCAT, if you took AP Physics/SAT2 Physics and scored well, you will be fine.

Based on your current Chem sequence, taking MCAT in winter time of your junior year is unrealistic. Your ideal time for preping/taking MCAT is the summer after junior year.