How to turn in my personal statement?

<p>I'm almost done with my ps ,but I dont know how and when to turn it in .....
Can anyone help me ?</p>

<p>with your application…</p>


<p>On your application. PS. Don’t spend too much time on your application unless you’re applying to UC Berkeley and UCLA… Most other UC’s don’t consider it for admission purposes (some might say they do but they don’t at all)</p>

<p>lmendoza is mentioning personal statement instead of application…lol</p>

<p>aww crap you’re right… my bad dude I meant don’t spend too much time on your personal statment… Spend time on your application =)</p>

<p>Its 3am and my grammar and focus tend to be a bit off…</p>

<p>Paste it into the PS portion of the UC application! Boom. Submit!</p>

<p>All UC campuses review the personal statement and the content is very important in making admission decisions. It would be foolish to assume you can just throw something together and coast right through the process.</p>

<p>Berkeley, UCLA, and Irvine (starting this year) use holistic review so the personal statement is an integral part of the evaluation. </p>

<p>Information provided in the personal statement accounts for around 20% of the evaluation at Davis. </p>

<p>San Diego assigns points to specific circumstances mentioned in the personal statement. </p>

<p>The remaining UCs use a wide variety of methods to measure achievements while reviewing the personal statement.</p>

<p>Found this in another thread.


<p>AskMsSun: I didn’t mean to say that its not worth doing or anything but what I meant was not to stress over it. I was not aware of UCB, UCLA and UCI doing the holistic review but still an outstanding personal statement does not out weigh two years of work (established a GPA) - I’m not saying you said that but merely just stating the obvious. Personal statements seem to me that they only clarify anything they might question on your application…</p>

<p>Mitch: I’ve heard that before too but I know UCSD at the very minimum looked at my personal statement (when I spoke to the UC rep who also was the admission officer she commented on my statement…) I don’t know if that mattered in the admission process though…</p>