How to use the remaining test dates

<p>Ok, so i took the SAT in march and feel i could do better. However, though i signed up for the SAT in may, i have been focusing on AP's and i'm not going to show up. So that leaves me with June to take the SAT. However, people say that you should take SAT II in June. I know that i will "need" more studying for SAT II (math IIc, lit, maybe physics) while the SAT is really just luck of the day. Since the SAT is more important for colleges i would like to have an idea of where i can go based on my score so that over the summer i can realistically start looking at colleges, thats why i would take it in June. Is it that bad to wait until october to take the SAT II. over the summer i will read so that should help lit, and i know for math there are tons of books out there to practice from and make sure i get 800. Any advice, anyone else in same situation?</p>

<p>Why not just take it in May? It'll only be one morning out of your life. If you do better, great--if not, schools take your high score anyway, so what's the loss? I understand that you'll be stressed from APs, but like I said, you don't have anything to lose except the few hours it will take for the test.</p>

<p>actually, i happen to disagree- although colleges claim to take the highest score- they will still definately LOOK at the other scores. I was in the same boat... I decided to take the sat 2s in june because my math class this year was geared at the 2c exam. However, if the sat2s that you plan on taking in june were not geared at any of your classes from this year, then go ahead and take the sats again. Also- you are taking math and lit- maybe if you score well enough on those you will not feel the need to take the sats again... just a thought and good luck!</p>

<p>im taking precalc honors this year, so i would be ready for the IIc, and physics honors. lit AP but that will stay. So i would just have to keep the math skills and make sure i really know them well. same with physics if i take.</p>

<p>At every college where I've ever heard an adcom discuss this, the people who make the final decision on your admission never see how many times you've taken various tests. That information is pre-digested by interns and assistants; the decision-maker sees a standardized report listing all of your top scores for everything you've submitted to the school. The old wives' tale about not taking the test more than 3 times because you'll look desperate comes from an old CB report that found that scores tended to level off after the 3rd try--somehow this gave rise to a theory that colleges don't want you to take the test more than three times. Also, think about it this way--if the average review time for an application is under 10 minutes at even the most selective schools, and if there's a wealth of "soft data" like PSes and LORs that has to be considered, why would an adcom waste precious seconds trying to psychoanalyze you because you took the SAT 4 times instead of 3? If you think the stress will be too much, then I wouldn't take it--but if you've already paid for it and you weren't planning on doing anything else during that time, why not give it a shot?</p>


<p>I'm in the same situation but I decided not to take the May SAT's and didn't sign up at all. I'm way too busy studying for my 3 AP tests to have time to study and worry about the SATs. That 3 hours I spend on a Saturday is not only my sleeping time (which I value highly since I don't get enough of it on the weekdays) but time wasted when I could be studying for say, AP chem which is so much harder than the SATs and needs more study time. I don't want to take 4 tests in a week, that's just too much. Once I take the AP's, it frees up a lot of my time, all time I can devote to the SATs to help my score when I take it in June. People say you should take the SAT II in June because they think kids will forget all the material during the summer and won't study. They also say spend money for a prep course because kids won't study on their own. But if you have the motivation to study for your SAT's after your AP's then you can take it June and study for the SAT II's during the summer so you can take them in October or November. I'm taking math next year too so there's still practice during the beginning of the year. There's no law against taking SAT's at different times than the norm, the issue is how motivated you are to work at them or else you can just take them and hope for good luck. If you want to take the May one, I think you can do that and still take the June one as well, its up to you.</p>

<p>Math IIC and Lit you don't have to take in June.</p>

<p>The reason you take SAT II's in June is because you've just taken the course but things like math and lit you'll be able to get just by studying a little over the summer.</p>

<p>Physics I would recommend taking as soon after you take the course as possible but if you can commit yourself to studying over the summer, you can take the SAT in June and still do well in all of those SAT II's in October.</p>