How to volunteer at a dental Office?

<p>I know this may be in the wrong section, but oh well.</p>

<p>Anyways, I’m looking to apply for dental school in the future and know that it would be great if I can get some experience in the dental office environment. I know hands-on experience is good, but I highly doubt I can get any of that being a volunteer.</p>

<p>For those you who have gone down this path, please shed some light.</p>

<p>How do you approach a dentist in asking for volunteer work or shadowing with them?
( I have no prior experience in the field)</p>

<p>Any insight would be greatly appreciated.</p>

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<p>Call your dentist and ask to shadow for a few hours every week. Then ask for a referral to specialists in the area and shadow them. You really can't do much in the office except reception work, but pay attention to the dentist, watch the procedures, watch the dr/patient interaction, and how the business is run.</p>

<p>If you are in college, ask your predent advisor for area dentists who allow shadow students. I usually get one or two a year. Also looks good on the dent school application and it's almost becoming a requirement to be sure that's the career for you.</p>

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How do you approach a dentist in asking for volunteer work or shadowing with them?


<p>Open the phone book, pick a dentist, and call them. Tell them you're planning on applying to dental school and see if they'd be willing to let you shadow. Simple as that.</p>

<p>Even better is if you have a dental school near you. Shadowing a dentist who is clinical faculty at a dental school would be a better option.</p>

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<p>Start by asking your own family dentist. Guarantee they will be flattered and you would not be turned down. If you are in college, you could do it on a break or in summer. If you want to shadow a specialist or other practices, your dentist can then make the intro for you.</p>

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