How To Withhold SAT II Scores from some schools?

<p>So only the UC schools that I'm applying to need SAT II, and the rest of the schools that I'm applying to don't need them. I would send my scores to all the schools if I actually thought I did well, but I didn't get to study much at all and I don't think my scores will benefit me if I send them to schools that don't require them. </p>

<p>However, for some reason, I can't uncheck the SAT II scores in the send scores column in all the schools that I've listed to send my scores to. When I click the "why are these scores enforced" tip beside the frozen check box, it says that:</p>

<p>"You are sending this score report as part of your SAT registration. Registration score sends are intended to help you send scores from the test you are taking as quickly as possible - that is why you must send their scores with your registration score sends. You have within nine days of taking the test to add colleges, update your score selections, or cancel the score send."</p>

<p>...Does this mean that in order to rush the scores (which they shouldn't need to do since it's only October) I can't choose not to send these scores to some schools??? And I can't seem to choose between each individual subject test to send either! UCs only need 2 and I took 3 just so I'd have the choice of sending in my 2 better ones, but it seems I can't even choose two out of three at this point, since all three tests are bundled together as the "October SAT Subject Test". </p>

<p>Can someone tell me how to uncheck the subject tests so that it doesn't get sent to the schools that I don't want it to go to? And also, could someone tell me how to send only two out of the three subjects I've taken?</p>

i want to know this too</p>

<p>You can uncheck them after you take the test, but before they’re sent. Just leave it for now and change it later.</p>