How to write a resume in high school

<p>NOT for college. I just got an email... need to make a resume/vitae for possible internships this summer. I've no idea how to write one. I'm still in high school, so I don't have previous jobs to list other than summer jobs (which don't relate at all to the internship). Is there a standard format???</p>

<p>There is no standard format. </p>

<p>Here is a very basic layout as well as what information it would be wise to include.</p>

<p>Resume</a> Sample - High School</p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>

<p>Thank you! Where would I put grades?</p>

<p>It wouldn't be necessary to put your grades on your resume. Just make sure to list all the clubs/sports you were involved in and the awards you received in high school, your computer skills, other jobs/volunteer work and such (like the sample resume in the link). If you want, you can include your cumulative GPA that you graduated with. Employers should be knowing that since you just finished high school, you may not be having so much work experience, as say someone who graduated from a Graduate degree. Also, try searching online, there are a lot of sample resumes out there.</p>

<p>I haven't even graduated yet! That's the problem. And the person requested in my resume, "school expereince" So I'm confused.</p>

<p>If you haven't graduated yet, then just put the cumulative GPA you have so far. And put other experiences you have had in high school. Any club activities, awards, and volunteer work you have done so far. That should be enough for your first resume.</p>

<p>Thanks. 10char</p>