How to write about why this university?

<p>I'm really looking forward to become a NYU student and I have already seen it's essay topics for this year, and one of them is why NYU. Honestly, I like NYU just because I like NYC and also NYU has the best applied math major which I really like. I really want to just put it like that, but doesn't it sound a bit naive as I guess this reason is not that persuasive.</p>

<p>Imagine your life as a student at NYU. What kinds of things will happen, who will you meet, what will you learn? Why NYU and not Columbia, or City College of New York?</p>

<p>Might want to get the guide from to read about things that you don't normally hear about... the guides are pretty good at painting a picture of what it's like to be a student on the campus.</p>

<p>Questions to Consider:</p>

<p>Why do you like NYC?What do you like best about the campus? Why is it important for you to be in NYC?Do you like the diversity...What?What classes do you look forward about taking at NYU? Any professors that you like? What do you like about the classroom atmosphere?</p>