How to write an essay...

<p>Im having a bunch of problems with essays and all that, but one of the major problems I am having is the format. How should the essays be? In a story form or in a structured into-body-concl type essay? I see most ppl writing stories which worries me because I can't write good stories (even though its a real story....)...</p>


<p>Some of the best essays are stories. A good story can give a lot of insight into a person, and like you said, it's a true story, so you should have no problem telling the story like it is. You don't have to use flowery words either, just be honest. hope that helps ;]</p>

<p>I suggest you write as you normally would (but if you make spelling/grammar mistakes, then fix those lol) so you at least have a rough essay completed that you can edit :)</p>

<p>It's better than being stuck with a blank paper/screen</p>