How to write good essay for top colleges

I want to know how to write essay to get admission in harvard, stanford or cornell university .

I suggest you start with this thread:

There is no formula for writing an essay for any college. For the most selective schools, you will need to have excellent writing skills, but more importantly, your essay will need to show some qualities they value. It’s up to you to learn what qualities matter to those schools. As has been stated many times though, there is no guaranteed formula.

In general, some good advice is to write about something that matters to you, that shows who you are. Beyond that, do your research. The thread linked above is a good place to start.

PM’ing you

Just fyi admissions officers know that many essays are coached and have some skepticism. In recent years essays may sometimes not be viewed as crucial factors in an application as a result. Though with test optional applications, essays may regain some importance.

An essay for HYPS should show something about you- “show” not “tell”. Good essays can be straightforward or creative, conversational, and should be likable. You don’t have to try to be too clever or “unique.”

A few comments…

  1. Why Harvard, Cornell, Stanford? What is the common thread for you about these colleges beside their rankings and prestige?

  2. The acceptance rate at Stanford and Harvard is in the single digits. Cornell isn’t much higher. Having just a good essay isn’t going to get you into these colleges.

  3. Are you an international student? If so, your acceptance chances are even lower.

  4. What does the rest of your application look like? GPA? EC’s? LOR? Standardized test scores?

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