How to write Teach Rec writer a Thank-you note?

<p>I was just wondering what the standard procedure is for giving a teacher a thank-note. Do you just leave the note in the teacher's mailbox? Or do you deliver it personally? In which case, do you just say "this is a thank-you note for writing my recs" or do you basicaly reiterate verbally what is contained within the note?</p>

<p>Also, what is generally contained within these notes? I know it varies from person to person, but is it appropriate to write a short, simple message or is a highly-efforted, complex, lengthy letter more appropriate? I am truly appreciative of these teachers' efforts, but I don't want to rub them the wrong way or seem unaprreciative. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thx!</p>

<p>I think it is very important to acknowledge the help with a note. Content is very unimportant. I prefer brevity. (small note stationery makes it easier to write a short note) Dear Mr. Teacher, Thank you for writing a recommendation for me. I really appreciate it. Yours truly, Student. Put it in their box in the school office or go crazy and put a stamp on the envelope and drop it off at the post office. This example is not to say, "write this," but rather this would be sufficient and worlds better than forgetting to write a note. Don't forget your guidance counseler either. Oh, and sooner rather than later. You should write a thank you note for the rec, uncomplicated by the reality of a later rejection or acceptance.</p>

<p>forget that -- just buy them something. like a box of godiva chocolates and write thank-you on it.</p>

<p>whatever you do, definitely hand it to them.</p>

<p>I wrote a thank-yous + boxes of chocolates (4 in total inc. guidance)</p>

<p>this is how you spell it: T - H - A - N - K - space - Y - O - U. lol sorry.</p>

<p>Dear Ms. Blar-blar,</p>

<p>Thanks for writing me a letter, yada yada yada. I really appreciate all your cooperation and support throughout the process. Your the best teacher in the world, yada yada yada.</p>

<p>From your best student,
Mr. Ass Kisser</p>


<p>Go up to them with your admissions decision (if it's an acceptance) and show it to them, and say thank you. A note is pathetic. This is someone you've spent 10 months with and you can't go to their face and thank them?</p>