How tough are these classes?

<p>AP Art History
AP Language and Composition
AP US History
AP Environmental Science
AP Biology</p>

<p>AP MacroEconomics
AP MicroEconomics</p>

<p>Is that schedule manageable? Can I get away with an hour of work a day plus cramming?</p>

<p>The degree of difficulty of certain classes varies so much from school to school but with those classes at almost any school I don't think there is any way to get away with just an hour of work each day.</p>

<p>"Is that schedule manageable? Can I get away with an hour of work a day plus cramming?"</p>

<p>Probably not, at least not with As. If a straight D student is what you want to be, then you look good to go with 1 hour a day.</p>

<p>Seriously, how do you look at 7 APs and think "Ehhh... An hour a day and I'll be good?"</p>

<p>And where is your math class? I guess that could be a manageable schedule at some schools but you are going to easily have more than one hour of homework a day.</p>

<p>I don't think it's manageable and I don't think more than 1 AP class would be manageable in an hr or less a day. I would suggest taking EITHER US or Macro/Micro or either Enviro or Bio. I think 3 social studies classes and 2 science classes is way too much. Also, why don't you have math?</p>

<p>Oh, I do have math. Honors Pre-Calculus.</p>

<p>Just wasn't sure if the degree of difficulty would be universal since it's not an AP class.</p>

<p>So, how much time will those eight classes take? Three hours a day? Ouch.</p>

<p>Hours of work/week at my school, not including studying, which averages out to 1 hour per test, I think</p>

<p>AP Art History 3.5 hours/week
AP Language and Composition 1 hr/week, maybe. Usually long periods of little work, and then, bam, massive 20 hour project due in a week
AP US History 4 hours/week, on the dot
AP Environmental Science No idea
AP Biology 4 hours/week is what I hear</p>

<p>AP MacroEconomics
AP MicroEconomics These two are one course at my school. 3 hours/week</p>

<p>That doesn't come out to one hour per day. Sorry.</p>

<p>My brother took 5 AP classes and 2 honors and spent about 30 minutes a day doing homework and recieved no worse than a 95+ in his classes. You will probably at the very least have 2.5 hours of homework a day but it would likely be a lot longer. It is impossible to tell really unless you ask kids who go to your school.</p>

<p>lol all your classes are pure reading and memorization classes

<p>"lol all your classes are pure reading and memorization classes

<p>I didn't take AP econ but I've taken Econ in college and it wasn't all memorization. There were terms you had to learn, but you had to figure stuff out.</p>

<p>^ Besides Econ and Language though, everything is pretty much straight up memorization, although that doesn't mean it'll take hours to study for them.</p>

<p>Bio and US History are pretty much the ones that will be taking up most of your time imo.</p>

<p>I was going to take Macro and Micro online since my school doesn't offer them. I'd take them through CTY for $1,200 each.</p>

<p>Are 5 APs enough? Those are all of the ones available to me.</p>

<p>5 is enough
im guessing you are a junior
maco and micro are usually senior classes</p>


<p>Everyone here is a junya.</p>

I'd take them through CTY for $1,200 each.


<p>You should take it at Keystone. AP Economics (Micro+Macro) is $500 total.</p>

<p>Micro/Macro aren't usually senior classes at my school, tons of Sophomores/Juniors take them.</p>

<p>I've heard AP Bio and APUSH were killer together bc of the memorization.</p>

<p>woah! 7 AP classes!? o.o Definitely not an hour a day. Each class requires at least an hour for hmwrk and studying if you want a good grade. </p>

<p>I've taken 2 on your list... </p>

<p>For me APUSH was the easiest thing ever. I have a 95% in the class. It requires a lot of notes and reading. I generally spent a good 2 hours+ a day on reading the text and notes. A lot of memorization. </p>

<p>For Ap Environmental, well that class uses a lot of common sense. I would say maybe an hour a day. I never read the text (still passed the exam), but you should. It's a great class. It's actually one of those classes you would use in the future and even now. </p>

<p>Well umm...good luck!</p>