How tough is it to switch majors once you're in?

<p>I am thinking of applying to Rice, Columbia and Darmouth. If I decide to apply as a psychology major (which is probably an easier major to get in with compared to engineering or business or pre-med) and manage to get in, is it tough to switch to one of these more in-demand majors or is it that once you get in, you're free to switch majors without much difficulty? Thanks for your comments.</p>

<p>does anyone have any comments on this subject? thanks again.</p>

<p>schools don't really care what major you're applying as, especially at the level of Rice Columbia and Dartmouth, because you're not applying "as" anything, you're just putting down what you think you're most likely to do; it's not binding. it only matters which school you're applying to within the university. they won't care if you put "psychology" as a prospective major instead of "premed" (esp. since premed is not even a major). For columbia, however, if you apply as an engineer, you would be applying to SEAS, which is supposedly easier to get into. if you want to change schools within the university, say from SEAS to the college, however, that's a different story and the difficulty of that varies from school to school. Bottom line you don't even have to declare a major until you're a sophomore or something like that (varies on the school)</p>

<p>Many schools will have different admission standards for different intended majors. At Carnegie- Mellon, for instance, "electrical and computer engineering" is WAY tougher to get accepted into than regular engineering... which in turn is harder to get into than humanities.</p>

<p>At many schools if your accepted to one major, you can change to another a more restricted major if you compleate some set of courses with a certain GPA. Usually most of the Lower Division classes.</p>