How tough is Out of State?

<p>How tough is it for out of state (looking at McCombs)? I heard it was very hard, but I don't know how hard. Like what type of ACT/Rank would I need. </p>

<p>I go to a private prep school (90 min commute) every day and its a great school so my rank and gpa arn't as high as they would be at the public school. Is not having a 4.0 going to kill me even if I get good ACT scores?</p>

<p>GPA now (after sohp year) is a mid 3.7 uw would be mid 3.6. (spanish is not my forte) </p>

<p>Can you just give me tips/advice to get in or if it is going to be impossible (in that case there is always A&M)</p>

<p>and how will the new change to the 10% rule help/hurt my chances for University class of 2016</p>

<p>ITs very tough, you need high SAT/ACT scores. Your better off going to a better school considering the stats you'll need to get in...</p>

<p>I know UT and McCombs are forgiving if you're not supersupersuper high ranked, as long as your school is really great. I was barely in top 7% (instate, admittedly) but my public school's pretty awesome.</p>

<p>Patriot </p>

<p>Out of state admissions have not been as difficult as instate. That is not to say it isn't hard. McCombs is harder to get into. If UT is your desire, try. Your test scores will matter. For OOS Class rank is not the first determinant. OOS admissions seems to take a more holisitic approach. </p>

<p>You might consider trying to get into an easier school than Business to start. Liberal Arts might be a little easier.</p>

<p>I know quite a few out of state kids who got in with lower GPA's than you. Your test score will matter.</p>

<p>Give it a shot. You might surprise the naysayers here.</p>

<p>it really depends on your test scores. you should try anyways.</p>