How valid is this, almost a decade later?

<p>I've been reading Jacques Steinberg's "The Gatekeepers" the last few days, and while it's not a bad book, some things do make me wonder. For instance, the book states that a 1290 SAT is "on target" for Wesleyan, on of the top 15 LACs. Perhaps I spend too much time on CC, but I found that rather surprising, to say the least. Maybe the fancy graduates could weigh in on this, haha...</p>

<p>Overall, how valid would you say "The Gatekeepers" is today, if at all? Additionally, I'm looking at "The Overachievers" by Alexandra Robbins, which seem a bit more prevalent.</p>

<p>You would need to check the latest common data sets for the most recent data. The one for 2008/9 <a href=""&gt;;/a> shows a 1300 at the 25%ile.</p>

<p>The last decade has seen a dramatic shift upwards in what it takes to get into a top college.</p>

<p>Mariya, I don't think it was out of 2400 back then. (if that is what you were thinking)</p>

<p>Kajon, if it were out of 2400, that's mind-blowing! haha Erin's Dad and Redroses are correct -- standards have changed (sadly).</p>