how was the Admitted Students Day?

<p>Daughter has committed to LMU, but we were unable to attend the event on Sunday. (and we were just there a few weeks ago). Would love to hear any feedback about the event. Was there a presentation by the Business School? Were all the dorms open? Any thoughts, info or general impressions would be appreciated!</p>

<p>Also, any tips on hotels in the area, for future reference?</p>

<p>I would love to hear feedback as well with my daughter still considering LMU and unable to travel for the event as we are OOS.<br>
Hotel recommendations are on the website, I believe, as I printed them off when she and my husband visited LMU. Ask for the LMU rate.</p>

<p>it was pretty good although there was a lot of people. The gymnasium was very packed and some people had to stand in the aisles. I went to the business presentation for a little bit and I thought it was pretty good. I wouldve stayed longer but I had to go to BU's reception in LA.</p>

<p>I thought it was pretty bad how most clubs didn't turn out for their table at the fair, unlike UCSB. Also the student government didn't have anything up at their table, not even people.</p>

<p>Also, lots of rich white people and/or religious people.</p>

<p>Wow! I'm in shock at the reaction of the 2 people who actually commented on the open house. My wife and I were truly amazed at the university. Very friendly people, beautiful campus, accessible professors.
The one comment that the gymnasium was packed is true. A lot of people showed up. The gym wasn't bad but it did present a problem in looking at dorm rooms. We got to go into 2 different buildings; Desmond Hall, an older dorm, and Del Rey North, a "newer" dorm although I don't think it is all that new. Both were nice and the students in the room were very informative and helpful but with all those people it was sort of a zoo.
The one really great thing was the campus tour we took. We had a wonderful student who really took her time, answered all the students and parents questions and really made us feel welcomed and the students wanted.
As to the comment from cowman "lots of rich white people and/or religious people", I saw a variety of races, colors and economic levels. The only "religious" people I saw were the people who were leaving the chapel after Sunday services. Among those I didn't see a single student. No one ever bothered us about religion at all and our wonderful tour guide mentioned that she had never even had a Jesuit teacher.
The other thing we were very impressed with was the internship program. We talked to 2 students and the university had set them up with fabulous off-campus internships.
Hope this helps.</p>

<p>We had mixed feelings abour our visit. The campus is very nice and the new library beautiful. The librarian (a man) was extremely helpful, kind and friendly, but we got the feeling that LMU is a glorified high school. Many of the students seemed friendly but immature. Some of our guides were good, others were less than friendly. When we asked one girl about the Greek system, she basically trashed it and said there were other ways to get involved. The professors we met were very, very nice and and seemed professional and educated in their area. Answers to our questions to key administrators were disappointing and we walked away unimpressed.</p>

<p>We arrived right before lunch. Parking was pretty difficult. They had a large turn out in gym area. For opening remarks by acting President and other Adminstrators.
Many students sitting near us, where still considering their college choices. ( USC, USD, LMU) Tour of my daughters Dept and College was excellent with great faculty. The size of classes and the opportunities our outstanding. The freshman dorms were nothing to speak of. The Greek system doesn't seem that strong or on that day for first impressions. Great overall impression of campus.</p>

<p>Preview day did it for my daughter. As I posted on a USD thread she has decided on LMU after visits to USD & LMU last weekend. Her top three reasons are; she felt especially comfortable there when she walked around campus (and likes the more spread out campus), she appreciates to proximity to LA and opportunities for internships there, she LOVED the professor who taught a mock marketing class. She will be a marketing major and wants to work on the business side of the fashion industry. She is now super excited, has been connecting with a number of other kids via facebook who have decided on LMU and quickly found someone she wants to room with.</p>

<p>Although we didn't attend the Preview Day, my daughter visited the campus March 22, fell in love with LMU and committed a few days later. She is also going to be a marketing major so it was good to hear about the marketing professor OCMom's daughter liked. Our daughter has also been connecting with fellow LMUers via Facebook and can't wait until the fall. We are very excited about LMU.</p>

<p>Is my daughter the only one still deciding? I am worried about her getting her preferred dorm, roommates, etc. She doesn't know anyone at LMU. Do lots of people get good, workable roommate matches from FB?</p>

<p>I think she has narrowed it down to 3-4 schools. If she would stay home for a few hours, maybe we could get this decision done and over with. :(</p>

<p>I don't think there is a dorm shortage at all at LMU, so I would not worry. Give your daughter the time she needs to make her decision. It will come to her. Not everyone has that feeling of "this is the place for me" when they go to a college. But, she will sort it all out. </p>

<p>Check out college *******.com for an online "grading" - her schools may be there and you can do a "compare" feature. Or, she could make her own chart "grading" her various schools.</p>

<p>OC Mom - my daughter had the exact same feeling and reasons for choosing LMU. And she is also a Marketing Major! I am a former retail/merchandiser, and a Business degree with a marketing concentration is the perfect degree. Plus, with such a general degree, I was easily able to make a career switch out of retail.</p>

<p>SoonEmptyNester - we were also there touring on March 22! Funny! We flew down for the day from San Jose area, and took the afternoon tour. But, it was the time my daughter spent with 2 LMU students (Sophomores, who she knew from her high school here) that cemented the deal for her. They gave her all the scoop and info she needed to help her decide!!</p>

<p>BayAreaCAMom - SO FUNNY! You and my daughter were on the same tour that day - she went with a friend and her mom for the day. . . They also flew down from San Jose and took the afternoon tour. And, the two girls also spent time with two sophomores who "cemented the deal" for them . . . hmm -- coincidence??? -- or not? :-)</p>

<p>BayAreaCAMom - fun that our girls are of the same mind on reasons for selecting LMU. Was your D also considering USD? I think I remember that you have an older D at USD? I was a bit torn about the decision for LMU instead of USD, especially with the strong ranking of the USD business school.</p>

<p>SoonEmptyNester you MUST be my daughter's friend's Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kinda wondered if that was you, but then figured, NAW, someone else! </p>

<p>yes, I took the girls down there!!!!!!!!!!!! small world. daughter does not know I stalk this site, so don't blow my fun!!</p>

<p>Send me a private message here and I will give you my email address. Maybe we should do Orientation together? We could drive and share a hotel room (girls stay in the dorm). So, let's talk!</p>

<p>Congratulations Everyone...seems like they have all made the right decsion for the right reasons. Our visits have been great there as well, and the students congenial and informative. My son is 50/50 right now (SCU/LMU); maybe see you for orientation.</p>

<p>BayAreaCAMom - hi there - JUST sent you a private message - this is so great that we figured this out! Send me an email and let's chat!</p>

<p>Hey you guys, hope you met up ;)</p>