How was your living on campus experience?

<p>Hi all.</p>

<p>I'd like to know what was your experience like living in a dorm or resident hall or other on campus housing?</p>

<p>It was okay. I think it was the best possible thing for my freshman year, just because everything is paid for up front, meals are taken care of, etc. </p>

<p>Too many rules for me though, and I hated sharing a room. I didn't ever become close with anyone on my floor or near me at all. It would have been much better than living in an apartment though, although it didn't take me long to outgrow the dorms.</p>

<p>I loved it. It took me a lot of time to find friends my freshmen year because my side of the hall was filled with people who loved to party. However, I eventually wandered around my dorm late one Saturday and found other people that didn't party just hanging out in my basement. We've been super closer ever since. That wouldn't happen in apartments/off campus. Also, it was nice not paying bills. </p>

<p>The downside was, I hated being far away from my car. My car was parked about a mile away which sucked since I worked off campus. </p>

<p>I lived on for two years. I don't regret it, but after 2 years it was definitely time to get off campus.</p>

<p>So far, it's been great. My roommate and suitemates (I live in a suite-style dorm arrangement, and I call whoever doesn't share a bedroom with me my suitemates) have been so wonderful and friendly. I'm a shy person and don't like to talk much, so they've been inviting me to eat dinner at the DC with them to get me used to hanging out with them. My roommate goes out and parties on the weekends sometimes, but eh, I don't mind. Even if she comes stumbling in in the early hours of morning, I don't notice because she's not making a lot of noises to disturb me. Even better is one of my suitemates came from the same area I did. :)</p>

<p>It's great! My roommate and I get along really well, and we're able to share stuff and talk about many different things without it being weird at all. I miss not needing to wear flip-flops in the shower, or having as much privacy, but not enough to not dorm.</p>

<p>So far, it's been very great.</p>

<p>My core group of friends are all from my hall. I get along very well with my roommate. I love my suitemates. My best guyfriends are my neighbors and my best girlfriend is just down the hall as well. A guy from my high school who I didn't get along with well at all lives directly across the hall from me now and we've become friends while here.</p>

<p>I love my RM. We have fun stuff to do. The location is great. My room is a decent size. I have a closet that's bigger here than my closet at home. We have huge dressers... It's pretty sweet. I wouldn't mind living here again, though me and my friend are trying to get on-campus apartments next year.</p>