How well do yall think I can do when applying to WashU (Washington University in St. Louis)?

This is what I got:

GPA: 5.023 (SC UGP, out of 5.0 I think), 3.972 unweighted
Rank: 22/500
*ACT: 35 (35 E, 36 M, 34 R, 35 S, 10 Writing)
*SAT: 1540 (740 ERW, 800 M, 21 Writing)
AP Classes (incl. senior year): Human Geography, Statistics, World History, English Lit, Bio, APUSH, Macro, Calc BC, US Gov, Chem, CSP, Physics 1, (English Lang or Psych)
Course load: Mostly Honors and AP, quite a few online courses, and CREW which is required for all at my high school (1 hour homeroom), will be entering senior year with 35.5 credits
School: Very okay - decent school in mid South Carolina, richest school in my district tho

-DECA: Director of Fall Community Service, promoted to Vice President of Leadership this year, won competition awards at local and state level, did team (partner) competition at state, organized community service events, worked in school store, and will lead a team of three this year organizing and executing community service and school service events
-Marching Band: Assistant Drum Major for 2 years, am not able to do it (parents choice) this year due to COVID
-Science Olympiad: Former officer, now co-leader, won 2 regional events last year and also won the first state gold medal for my school last year
-South Carolina Youth Philharmonic: Trombonist, 2nd chair for 3 years, presumed 1st chair this year
-Volunteering: Guest Services Volunteer at local hospital in emergency department, I basically verify patients and take them to their rooms
-Chem club member
-BETA, NHS, etc…

-Math Club: Leader (nerdy ik but my calc teacher was looking for someone to head it up and I had time)

Background: Chinese kid born in Switzerland, moved all over Eastern US as my dad got better jobs. Dad has PhD from famous chinese university and mom has masters.

Intended major: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry or Genomics/computation

Career Goal: Physician

I will probably be applying ED.

*Both tests were taken only once. SAT subject tests being taken later this month

Yes you have a decent chance, especially if you don’t need financial aid and apply ED.

Note that med school admissions is highly dependent on GPA and MCAT. Go to a place where you can get a stellar GPA (> 3.8).

Are you a citizen or permanent resident, or will you be applying as an international student?

US citizen