How well does the BB predict my scores?

<p>I'm averaging out 670-700 on my CR in the BB tests I'm doing - significantly higher than the 630 I currently have. I've done 5/10 tests and intend to do around 3 more CR tests by Saturday. As many as I can anyway. At any rate, I tried a full practice test and got a 1480 (CR & M) - I'm aiming for a 1500 on the actual test day. Do you think I'd get higher or lower than what the BB tests indicate? The minimum score I've gotten on M is 760, and highest 800, and obviously the latter is what I'm aiming for come Saturday.
I'm going to do practice test number 2 (CR & M) tomorrow since it's the only one with the accurate scales that I haven't done yet (+Practice test 3 CR). Supposing I get like a 1450+ on that, what do you think I should expect on the actual SAT? Will my CR score be higher? I really want a 750.

<p>The CR curve is much harsher these days. Expect 20-40 points lower than you are getting.</p>

<p>The test is also MUCH easier.</p>

<p>I'll take a so-so/not so nice curve for easier questions, especially the ones based off the passages. I'm just hoping for 17+ on sentence completions.</p>

<p>I'm searching for all 19 this time. First time hit 14, second time 17. Hopefully now it's 19 with like ~4 passage-based questions wrong. I KNOW I can meet that goal if the CR comes like January's. You think the BB is a good indication of how it'll come?</p>

<p>IDK...I kinda hope it's not like CR score are all over the place. 720 then 740 then 650 then 640 (holy sheeet, holy sheeeet!!!) then around a 700-710 today. Last real SAT I took, I only missed 3 sent. completions, which isn't that bad, because I didn't do any prep with word lists or anything. </p>

<p>Too make things worse tomorrow is the last day I can really study that much for Math and Writing, because I just checked the UPS tracker for my copy of Direct Hits that I ordered and it's in NJ now and won't get to me until Friday. M'r'F'r. So Friday I have to cram 400 words (hopefully I know like 100 before, but who knows), while not freaking out and worrying about everything else. And my essay and writing section in general still need work...damn </p>

<p>Did you take the January test? I took it, but that was my first SAT and I didn't do that great on CR. But then again I spent a whopping 0 hours and 0 minutes studying for it. </p>

<p>Good luck</p>

<p>My CR score in BB has been pretty consistent. Getting 670-700 each time, with like 2-3 vocab wrong. So hoping for 700+.</p>

<p>I think I'm done prepping math. Might go over some of the harder questions left in the BB (only done 5/10 Math tests) but I'm definitely not going to do any more tests. I've narrowed down my issues and it's just a matter of avoiding careless errors on test day.
Writing has never been a problem for me - got 790 without studying.</p>

<p>I did indeed take the January test, without any prep. I mostly just went in there thinking: "okay, whatever, I'll just waste 4 hours and try my luck" and came out with a 1350. I thought I guaranteed an 800 on the Math and yet got a 720 - 3 insanely easy questions done wrong. CR was 630 which I consider average, so I really need much higher there. It was insanely easy, now that I check the QAS, and I shouldn't have missed the opportunity. I really wish I'd prepped beforehand, now. Would've gotten that 700 no problem - some of the questions I got wrong just seem so obvious now. </p>

<p>I also have a similar problem with DH. Ordered it a week and a half ago - never came in the mail. Was supposed to arrive last Friday. Damn USPS.
Also, you'll at least know 100 words, some are insanely easy, and to top it off, if you have the book, don't worry about it. I've heard they can be mastered in just a day.</p>

<p>Good luck for June :)</p>

<p>Thanks. </p>

<p>Yeah looks like both of us dropped the ball with the January test...missed a golden opportunity for a good test and it was right after Christmas, so I had two+ weeks to study...and I did nothing lol. </p>

<p>Math, I definitely need to cut down on the dumb errors and brush up my geometry. Other than that, I'm confidant I can score a 700+ in Math. CR, I'm a little shaky, but I've done very well on some of the practice tests so I know I CAN do the work, I just have to remain focused and not stress out. </p>

<p>Writing I don't really care about. A 700 would be really nice, but I'd settle for 660+.</p>

<p>Little ticked about DH...ordered it last Friday and it just got processed today. And this was express delivery.</p>

<p>Oh well..</p>

<p>Couldn't care less about my writing this weekend. I already have my 780 from March, thankfully.</p>

<p>I'm looking to get my Math + CR at around a 1450 though.</p>