How will a B+ Q2 Senior year in my intended area of study affect my chances for top tier schools

I am applying RD to schools like Harvard, Dartmouth, Rice, WUSTL for a chemistry major and recently received a B+ in my AP Chem class Q2. The grade was a A+ for Q1, and my school sends grades for Q1 and Q2 separately (Q1 grades have already been sent and Q2 grades don’t get sent until February). All my supplements were centered on Chem and I have never gotten anything below an A for Chem in the past two years (took honors then AP). So, will now getting a B+ in my intended major will disadvantage me at large in getting in these schools(all my other classes this quarter are A’s and A-'s so that brings out the B+ even more as it is my INTENDED MAJOR)? My stats are 3.9 UW 2240 SAT + 8 APs with really good/focused ECs, leadership and essays. (I am Asian and was denied Cornell ED so I already consider myself a borderline/low chance applicant for many of these schools)

Bro don’t worry about a B+. If you end up getting rejected from these colleges(which I would be sorry to hear), it won’t be because you got a B+ in an AP class 2nd semester of senior.

I would not fret about a B+. At the top colleges, I would not think one B+ will make or break your app (although other CC’ers might disagree). Just make sure you have some safeties.