How will admissions tell who are the kids Bleeding Orange to go to Princeton?

<p>Agreeing that eliminating ED will give low income, internationals and others a more level playing field how do some of you think 110 West will get the students that really want Princeton as their #1 and filter out the trophy hunters?</p>

<p>Kids who're really hardcore bleed black, not orange.</p>

<p>Would someone define "trophy hunters" for me in terms of Princeton applicants?</p>

<p>Trophy hunting......</p>

<p>Anyone who applies to lets say ten or more schools with the common application. Someone who would be thrilled with any HYPSM acceptance but not particularly in love with any one school.</p>

<p>Trophy hunters are those for whom brand recognition replaces a soul. Or to be more empirical, a personal, individual, and felt preference.</p>

<p>Well, I think it shouldn't really be a matter of trying to isolate the kids who have Princeton as their #1. In fact, I think it's to Rapelye's credit that she's thrown out this Hargadonish way of doing things.</p>

<p>It should be a matter of: (1) Who can contribute the most to Princeton?, and among these students, (2) Who's the right "fit" for Princeton (and this, of course, is constantly evolving, given Princeton's recent attempts to strengthen their engineering and arts)? Fit, I think, is even more important than preference for any one school.</p>

<p>Then, work hard at getting these kids.</p>