how will cancellation of AP grade seem to officers?

<p>OK, my counselor is not very competent at dealing with american schools cuz she only know cdn schools well. she asked me if they want official grade reports for AP, and i said yes. so she photocopied the grade report thats mailed to my school and said she will use that one. however, on the school report, it shows that i have requested for cancelation for AP physics C E/M. :(:(:( the thing is, i self studied ap phys c and got 5 on mechanics, but cancelled em. will that be a problem?? darn... my other ap grades are bc cabc 5 self studied, ab subscore 5, chem 5, phy b 5, and world his 4.</p>

<p>in addition, i believe we can request cb to send score to one school for free, and i chose harvard at the time, not princeton. lol. will that be like "wtf is this guy applying ed to princeton for, if he wanted to go to harvard?"</p>

<p>I don't think you even have to send AP scores until after you decide to matriculate. You just self-report them, no official report is needed (they'll need the OFFICIAL one from CB anyway).</p>

<p>i called and for intl, they prefer to have it.. so what do you guys think? if i cancelled part of a self studied ap exam..</p>

<p>I don't think it'll be looked at negatively. You did well on all the other APs.</p>