how will international applicants be notified?

<p>How will Georgetown U notify RD international applicants? will we get an e-mail notification?</p>

<p>You don't receive email notification if you apply RD, and you'll receive your decision letter via international airmail. And you may call to get your decision after April.1 as well.</p>

<p>In fact almost EVERY international applicant will have to call since it takes soooooooo long for international mail to arrive...haha</p>

<p>oh gosh...that's awful./....guess i'll just call....:-(</p>

<p>If I recall correctly, a few international applicants from our day (granted, this was three years ago...?) received their acceptance letters before us. I think they stagger decisions so that it'll match timing with the admissions notification date that they state.</p>

<p>oh goodie! i hope that happens this time too.....</p>

<p>no email notification? oh thats bad...</p>

<p>Thank God I am not an international, imagine getting rejected over the phone, awkward. I can just imagine the person at the other end "I am sorry but..." at that point would it be appropriate to hang up without saying n e thing?</p>

<p>Can you call ON the 1st? I'm not international, but I'm just curious to know if you can call if there's a delay in the mail</p>

<p>yeah i think u can....i'll probably end up doing that...</p>

<p>I called for ea, but you couldn't call until the 17th which was two days after the letters were sent out/supposed to come. it was the scariest call.</p>

<p>Gah, I do not want to have to call, but otherwise I may never find out. Apparently my letter for another school was mailed the 15th but I still don't have it. My grandma sent my birthday card on the 3rd, and I just got it 2 days ago!</p>