How will it affect my application if I quit a sport for another?

<p>I'm a junior in High School with a 3.9 GPA(Hoping to increase that to over a 4.0) with 100 hours community service at a Hospital, and currently 3 AP classes. My first two years of High School I played Tennis. I was JV freshman year, Varsity last year, and I will be varsity this year as well if I decide to keep playing. This year however I am running cross country and wish to play lacrosse as well, but lacrosse and tennis are in the same season. I already talked to the head lacrosse coach and he said that I could play both tennis and lacrosse since lacrosse practice starts after tennis. I want to do both, but if I do I don't know if I can keep up with all the work I have this year and I really want to play lacrosse. So I was wondering, how would my application be affected if I quit tennis for lacrosse?</p>

<p>Firstly, who cares? Do what interests you, not what looks best.</p>

<p>Secondly, it MAY hurt a little, but as long as you aren't relying on tennis to get you in, I doubt it will make you or break you.</p>

<p>So, MY advice is: do lacrosse.</p>