How will Penn view my ACT score?

<p>I applied ED to Penn, and I just realized that I have to send ALL of my test scores to Penn. I have taken the ACT and the SAT each once, but I have only sent my SAT score. Is it too late to send in my ACT score now?</p>

<p>Also, I am an international student who currently attends HS in America. When I took the ACT last June, I had 25 in Reading, 36 in Math, 33 in English, 35 in Science, and 8 in Writing. The ACT composite is 32. I wasn't satisfied with my reading score(English is my second language), so I took the SAT in this October. My SAT has 760 in Reading, 770 in Writing (9 in the essay), and 780 in math, with a total of 2310. </p>

<p>I thought I only needed to send my highest score. But now if it is not late to send my ACT to Penn, how will the admissions view my scores? Will the 25 in ACT reading hurt me, or will they think I have worked hard in reading and writing and my reading improved in 4 months?</p>

<p>Thanks for any opinions in advance!</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure that you send either sat or act.</p>

<p>really? but the penn website says that you should send ALL scores...</p>

<p>@rd2012: No. Penn's policy, in a nut shell, is if you touch the test, you send the score. It says "ACT vs. SAT + Subject" BUT at the end of their policy, it says something along the lines of, "All applicants to Penn must send every administration of the ACT, SAT, AND SAT-II", which basically means, if you take the test, you have to send the score. THEY superscore for you, you don't. </p>

<p>@OP: Send the ACT score now. You'll be fine--the scores are sent electronically so it'll be at Penn Admissions within a day.</p>

<p>hardworking is right. send them now and maybe send an email to admissions?</p>

<p>That is not Penn's policy.</p>

<p>They require you to send either SAT + two SAT IIs or ACT.</p>

<p>If you choose to send SAT IIs with ACT but you also took SAT I, you can not exclude SAT I. You can not send bits of any area or the only tests that make you look good and exclude others. </p>

<p>You can choose to hold back all SATs or all ACTs.</p>