How will taking AP classes during high school senior year affect college admissions?

I want self study a few AP subjects. I will be taking AP classes during my years in high school, though: World History, Biology, US History, Literature & Language Composition, American Government, and AP Calculus BC.</p>

So with the other AP’s I’m going to self-study for, I want to balance my study time for junior and senior year. But if I put any AP’s on senior year, that means I’ll have to take the exams at the end of senior year which won’t be helpful to college applications as they are due in December/January.</p>

Can anyone verify my assumption? Or give me any suggestions? </p>

<p>Will colleges know that you’re self studying senior year? I believe there is not much of a benefit.</p>

<p>Don’t self study in your SENIOR year to impress schools, it is pointless. Unless you plan on earning credits for those self studies.</p>