How will these ACT scores look?

<p>I took the ACT twice, and got the following scores:</p>

<p>33 (E:36, M:34, R:33, S:30) & 33 (E:34, M:30, R: 32, S:36)</p>

<p>Do any colleges superscore? It'd be great to know because if so, my composite score will be a 35 which will help me stand out at some of my stretch schools. Also, even if they don't technically superscore, will the fact that I have scored high in each of the sections at some time (science, for instance, was lacking on the first test but then was a 36 on the second) help me out?</p>

<p>Colleges do not superscore the ACT. I would send the first 33, since you got perfect in english and much better on the math section.</p>