How will this affect me?

<p>My school district just had levy (issue 20 for westerville, ohio) where the wanted to cut the school's budget. If the issue passed, which would be good on my part, then my school would continue getting its funding.</p>

<p>Well it didn't pass, and they're cutting $23million from the budget... and according to our teachers that's quite a lot of money. and enough to influence the schools greatly. They'll be cutting AP classes, (possibly honors), sports, transportation, clubs, and more.
Apparently we'll only have the state recommended classes; math, science, history and english.</p>

<p>Will this affect my chances in any good/prestigious colleges?</p>

<p>no, if you take the initiative to not let your school limit you.</p>

<p>It won't. Colleges look at each school individually, and compare the classes you take with what is offered. If you don't take any AP classes because none are available, the colleges will understand.</p>