How will this affect the admission process?

<p>How do admission officers realize the difference in workload for schools? In my school my 10th grade schedule is going to be: </p>

<p>Ap Bio.. 2 hours (assigns a lot of reading, notes,w.s's)
Ap Euro- 1.5 hours... (pure reading) can do on weekends since teacher dosent check
Ap Comp Sci- some students finish everything in class ...others take about 1 hour 30min at home depends if im good at it i guess.
H Math Analysis- 2 hours always...just h.w not including additional studying (only about 2-3 a's in the class)
H eng 10 depends on teacher...can range from 20min to 1 hour
Span 2 about 15-20min ( i can do it in class though)
tennis team 1 hour 30min</p>

<p>school from 7:00-4:30</p>

<p>I heard some kids taking double the amount of ap's get the same amount of h.w as me. i will get about 5 HOURS a day. Once again this is what all the teachers and students said..i might be able to do it much quicker . how much h.w do you get for your classes?</p>

<p>Sorry if this is in the wrong section or someone already posted something similar... wouldnt be so bad but my e.c's can hold me till like 5:30 a couple days of week and gradually go up to 8:00 and more days a week ._.</p>