How will we be notified?

<p>When will bates send out its Ed1 letters?</p>

<p>and how will we be notified?? snail mail or online></p>

<p>snail mail</p>

<p>man are u serious???? thats real bad...then international students will get the mail after 2 other way of finding out??</p>

<p>so when are they sending out the decision letters?

<p>i called the admissions office on 12th and they said that they were sending out the letters via airmail later that they sent all the letters on the 12th!!</p>

<p>Don't they send e-mails before sending the letters via airmail? It's really difficult for us international students to know about our admissions status.</p>

<p>hey Joshi!! which country u from??</p>

<p>yes i did talk to the admissions officer about the international mail problem..and she said the last date of notification is all internationals should wait till the 20th for the letter...i we dont get it by the 20th then we e-mail the admissions office and they will reply back with an e-mail containing your decision !</p>

<p>thanks collegeapps1234.
btw, I'm from Kathmandu, Nepal. What about you? Did you also apply for ED?</p>