How will you check?

<p>How will you check your decision? Computer or web phone? with friends or family or alone? at school or at home? will you read it or have someone else do it for you? will you wait until after 4 or do it at 4?</p>

<p>Computer.. alone at home.. it'll be better that way if I don't get in.. and at 4 (although for me its 2.30 am because I live in Asia)..i won't be able to wait for longer!!</p>

<p>Home alone on my computer =]</p>

<p>after 4...(here on the west coast, its still school time xD)</p>

<p>probably gonna check at work?</p>

<p>I'll be at a math meet until 6ish, but when I get home.. definitely checking bannerstudent. :)</p>