How "woke" is Elon?

Mom of a prospective student here…are discussions of social justice issues on campus over the top at Elon in 2020? Also, is the Greek system supported by the administration, or is it likely to be dismantled or not supported in the next 4 years?

Mom of Elon sophomore son.
I would suggest looking at “ENN”, Elon News Network which is an excellent publication. Also, Elon U themselves are great at communications so if you look on their website and social media you can see the kinds of things that they are putting out publicly and what’s going on with the students.

Elon is not racially diverse, in student body (although it is a main goal) and absolutely not in the surrounding town. That said, there are diversity initiatives in place, there was a well attended Black students event recently, and Elon brings great guest speakers on social justice matters including recently Ibram X Kendi (remotely). In your search you will find a pro-Trump convoy that come through town recently (not student or university related, but it came through campus) and stirred up activism at Elon and a statement of response by the President.

I don’t get a sense that it is over the top, but I think just looking online at their news and publications might give you a sense for the relative atmosphere and you can decide for yourself.

As for Greek, the residences are sophomore only, a small group of houses that hold maybe 20? I haven’t picked up on any anti Greek sentiment, there have been no Greek related COVID blame for example. I think one frat got shut down last spring due to repeated offenses, but I think “shut down” means they got kicked out of that small residential sophomore house, I don’t know that it meant that the frat is now completely inactive at Elon for a temporary or permanent amount of time.

I’m sorry, I just have to chime in that at first I thought you were asking about Elon Musk :lol:

Thanks so much for your response!

Disclosure: I am not a fan of the woke movement, so read my thoughts accordingly. I do not think Elon is as “bad” (woke) as many liberal arts schools these days. No doubt, the majority of students and profs lean left, but that’s true at the vast majority of schools. Social justice is a topic of conversation for sure (as it should be), but I don’t sense there is as much anger as there can be elsewhere.