How would a BFA from schools such as Rhode Island School of Design be perceived, vs Cornell?

My daughter was accepted into both Cornell (art) and RISD. I think we both have a vague feeling that Cornell would give a more well-rounded education, as opposed to RISD. Since schools are also a signal to others, for better or worse, we are wondering both about the actual education, and about how degrees from schools such as RISD are perceived by others. Is there a perception that a RISD degree is just about art? I realize that it’s not, especially because RISD students can take Brown courses, but also wondering about the perception of others.

To summarize: What would be the differences between a Cornell BFA in Art, and a RISD BFA, both in how it might be perceived by others, and in the actual content. At RISD, my daughter would want to specialize in animation. At Cornell, there is no such specialization, so she would focus on digital media or perhaps generative art. She has strong math and coding skills, though is not interested in computer science as a major.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

If she wants to go into professional animation, it will be the actual skills she develops during the next four years that will determine her success. That said, RISD is probably superior in terms of internships, etc.

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